Apply For Help

What To Expect When Applying To Grace Connection

  1. You can expect to be treated kindly by one of our trained volunteers when you fill out your application at our office. The office is located in the basement of Christ Episcopal Church, One Main Street, Towanda, PA.
  2. You can expect to need personal information and identification, such as a driver’s license. You will also need proof of your income and your need for assistance (bill, eviction notice, shut off notice, etc.)
  3. You can expect to be referred to other agencies who may also be able to help.
  4. You can expect that any action on your request will be no sooner than 24 hours with exception to some emergency situations.
  5. You can expect to be aided no more than once every six months. We provide emergency assistance only and are not a reliable source of income.
  6. You can expect help with basic budgeting to get yourself on your feet.
  7. You can expect spiritual help from one of our pastors if you request it. Acceptance of spiritual assistance in no way influences any decision on emergency assistance.
  8. You can expect that money will never be given directly to the person applying. To ensure the money alleviates the emergency situation, checks will always be written out to the vendor (landlord, electric company, oil company, etc.)

To Arrange For an Appointment Call:

Towanda Office(570) 268-0431

Located at One Main Street, Towanda PA

(In the basement of Christ Episcopal Church) 

Hours: Monday and Thursday

1pm – 4pm


Grace Connection: (570) 268-0431 / PO BOX 122, Towanda PA 18848 /